Midea Wall Air Conditioner Xtreme Line 


Nominal Yield Btu / h: Available at: 9000/12000/18000/24000
• Energy Cooling Class: A ++
• Energy Heating Class (Warm Zone): A +++
• Heating Energy Class (Medium Zone): A +
• Warranty: 3 years for all parts without restrictions and an additional 7 years for the compressor




UVC technology


UVC sterilization technology mainly uses UVC deep ultraviolet light to irradiate single-celled microorganisms, which directly destroy the structure of DNA and RNA in their living bodies, so that the microorganisms lose their ability to reproduce and we achieve the result of complete sterilization.



Sterilization 56°C


• Unlike normal self-cleaning mode, in 56 ° C sterilization mode the heat exchanger heats up to 56 ° C for 30 minutes, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria after just two cycles of use.




Fins protection Golden Fin


Golden Fin blade protection is a hydrophilic coating that prevents the growth and spread of bacteria from the surfaces of the outer element. In addition, it improves the heat dissipation characteristics and reduces the defrost time. The unique anti-corrosion gold protection of the surface of the aluminum fins makes them resistant to corrosive factors, such as rain, sea breeze, etc.



Mode Breeze Away


• The Breeze Away function reduces the annoying cold air currents so that you can enjoy the temperature you want without unwanted interference.